Why we entered The Earthshot Prize…

We entered because it is an opportunity to take The Rekalibrator to a, much needed, larger audience. Humanity is facing some unprecedented problems; however, consider the two Chinese characters that represent ‘crisis’. First is ‘dangerous’ and the second is ‘opportunity’… so what we are facing is an opportunity to avert this danger. The Rekalibrator is designed to help with this process.

When The Earthshot Prize was first announced in January it caught our attention. Nothing really happened immediately after the launch because of the pandemic, however during this period we were considering how best to apply The Rekalibrator to it in some way.

We then decided to enter, not within the competition itself but as a collaborator as it seemed to fit with the ideas behind The Rekalibrator. The response to our entry was “We’re excited to be coming together with other like-minded individuals and organisations who share our commitment to inspiring action to help repair our planet. We’re still at the beginning of our journey but we will have announcements on the details throughout 2020. As our plans develop we will be in touch to provide more information and potential opportunities for collaboration if it seems a good match for your organisation!”


Our ‘entry’ proposal

Given that The Earthshot Prize is divided into five categories and that way The Rekalibrator works it could contribute in all categories to the benefit of all participants.

We then decided to contact the organising body, telling them we have no desire to enter into competition with the other entrants but would be more suited to work in collaboration with them to help The Earthshot Prize achieve its goals.

We Got a Reply


We received a reply from the Earthshot Prize regarding The Rekalibrator .

Initially we thought to post it online for you all to read but once reading it ourselves the Private and Confidential struck home. With us living the “never be the first to break a deal” rule, we couldn’t post the letter online for people to read as that would be breaking trust; which is fundamental to any collaboration being successful.

This is also how The Rekalibrator itself works.

We have decided to publish a redacted version online just in case there is any doubt 😉

The original will be available to see in our offices