Every step in The Rekalibrator is a step towards sustainability…

We believe that the more people who walk the Rekalibrator, the quicker we will reach a sustainable future we all envision.
It really is that powerful! Check out feedback from those who have already taken part…

If you are able to host an event, please get in touch; even better if you’re able to run the event!
You should be able to find on this site all the instructions you need to build a Rekalibrator, all you need to do is acquire the materials.
The event should always be free of charge for the public – all that is asked for is honest feedback.

If you would like us to come and set it up for you, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

So I did the rekalibrator walk some 9 months after first doing the triple spiral one. Other than the aesthetics and the much less (valuable) landscape the process for me was exactly the same.


Down to Earth-Tees Valley, Norton

It’s a weird feeling walking the maze, it made me comfortable with my own mortality and made me realize that the one true thing we can give back to this planet is ourselves


Growing in Harmony, Kirkleatham Training Centre

I feel calm and happy…


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

It made me question more of what i can give and what it really means to give to the earth-we have spent to long trying to tame her and its time to let go and love

Thank you for bringing calmness and focus


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

What an inspirational experience. Truly brings us into the present moment, bringing clarity and true connection.

Thank you


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

Thank you!

Made me stop and just ‘be’. Finding the care of things again. Love the trinity concept and the importance of each


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough


I found it peaceful. I was reminded of all that I do for the earth, for the ones I love and care for. I was reminded of all that they do for me, I was reminded of what I can do for myself. Reminded to love myself and not to forget to take time for me to live, love and listen.

Anya (Willowdragon)

Mabon Weekend, Thornorough Henges

I experienced this at the Permaculture Convergence last weekend. What a lovely thing to do! It’s a really helpful tool for self reflection and I’d like to give myself a few minutes to ask myself the rekalibration questions every day to keep focused and put things in perspective. Thank you.


Permaculture Convergence, Hill End Activity Centre, Oxford

I found it to be a very effective “thinking tool” for getting the 3 permaculture ethics over – especially to youngsters or people who’ve never come across them before. I think it’s the fact that you’re physically involved walking slowly round the labyrinth whilst going over in your mind the structured questions given to you in its explanation


Permaculture Convergence, Hill End Activity Centre, Oxford