Having worked with The Rekalibrator for a number of years now we are confident that it works at its optimum when there is no pressure on those hosting or participating with it.

For this reason there will never be a cost to experience it.

For the same reason, we would like to offer it to any organisation, business or company etc. with no specific charge as we know some are under financial pressure already and we feel that this shouldn’t be a reason to miss out.

We do have overheads that we have to account for and if you want to have The Rekalibrator at your venue for an event, we work on a pay-as-you-feel afterwards. It is for this reason when you look at the detail of our contributions, they may vary significantly; this does not reflect upon either the quality of the event or duration.

If you can contribute to The Rekalibrator float for your organisation, business or company that will help distribute it to those less fortunate. All incomes and outgoing are listed below.

1st April
28th April
Community Rekalibrator Event
Bentley Urban Farm