How to Get Involved with The Rekalibrator

Having collected feedback from a wide section of the public, it can be said with confidence, that The Rekalibrator produces health benefits for the people who use it (Healthy mind = Healthy person).

It seems only right, therefore, to get The Rekalibrator to more locations, as is suggested by some of the feedback, in this way both people and the planet would benefit.

To do this would require a lot more input than we can do alone, therefore we have been considering how best to achieve this, whilst keeping true to the principles of permaculture and The Rekalibrator?

We have seen many projects fall into the ‘business model’ trap, which creates a dual interest; this is something we wish to avoid as it would undermine The Rekalibrator.

We have designed three options for those wishing to get involved (there seems to be a lot of coincidences with the number 3 and The Rekalibrator)

  1. A simple donation option: for those who like what are we doing, either from reading the website or hearing about it elsewhere.
    This option also became available because some of the people that The Rekalibrator has helped have offered cash after having walked it. We have refused these offers because we are not trying to monetise the events and we know that The Rekalibrator should be free for everyone to use. However, we later thought that if people wish to donate to help the project, then we shouldn’t attempt to impose our will on them, if that’s what they wish to do.
    These donations would be anonymous.
  2. Fixed period sponsorship: intended more for businesses wishing to assist the project; this shows your endorsement by having your name on equipment, pamphlets, website etc.
  3. Collaborators/Partners: this option is for those who can envision where The Rekalibrator can lead us and would like to come on that journey working together and living the dream.

We feel that it would not be a ‘true’ involvement if one were to attempt either option 2 or 3 without having experienced The Rekalibrator first hand, at least once, to gain an understanding of what it is about.

We would happily accept donations, as option 1 without first experiencing The Rekalibrator.

Contact us to arrange The Rekalibrator experience for yourself and/or your colleagues.