So I did the rekalibrator walk some 9 months after first doing the triple spiral one. Other than the aesthetics and the much less (valuable) landscape the process for me was exactly the same.


Down to Earth-Tees Valley, Norton

It’s a weird feeling walking the maze, it made me comfortable with my own mortality and made me realize that the one true thing we can give back to this planet is ourselves


Growing in Harmony, Kirkleatham Training Centre

I feel calm and happy…


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

It made me question more of what i can give and what it really means to give to the earth-we have spent to long trying to tame her and its time to let go and love

Thank you for bringing calmness and focus


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

What an inspirational experience. Truly brings us into the present moment, bringing clarity and true connection.

Thank you


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough

Thank you!

Made me stop and just ‘be’. Finding the care of things again. Love the trinity concept and the importance of each


School Climate Strike, Centre Square, Middlesbrough


I found it peaceful. I was reminded of all that I do for the earth, for the ones I love and care for. I was reminded of all that they do for me, I was reminded of what I can do for myself. Reminded to love myself and not to forget to take time for me to live, love and listen.

Anya (Willowdragon)

Mabon Weekend, Thornorough Henges

I experienced this at the Permaculture Convergence last weekend. What a lovely thing to do! It’s a really helpful tool for self reflection and I’d like to give myself a few minutes to ask myself the rekalibration questions every day to keep focused and put things in perspective. Thank you.


Permaculture Convergence, Hill End Activity Centre, Oxford

I found it to be a very effective “thinking tool” for getting the 3 permaculture ethics over – especially to youngsters or people who’ve never come across them before. I think it’s the fact that you’re physically involved walking slowly round the labyrinth whilst going over in your mind the structured questions given to you in its explanation


Permaculture Convergence, Hill End Activity Centre, Oxford

What i realised while walking

1st spiral The earth is ill from the trash we have put into it ,But its never to late to clean our home

2nd spiral I give light i receive light

3rd spiral I (we) take culture as much as we give culture.This can happen at the same present or in different times along with human history…. But the more we share ( without violence) the better humanity gets .


Regent Park Pop up, Primrose Hill Regent Park

The 10 minute experience I had in the rekalibrator was quite introspective & has allowed me to think about people that a care about deeply,but seem to have lost connection with.
I would rate this practice 10 out of 10 an i would like to explore it further, I’ll check the website!


Hyde Park Pop up, Serpentine Hyde Park

 “I was intrigued when I saw the Re-Kalibrator laid out in ropes on the grass. Luckily Spanner was around to give me the low-down and encourage me to give it a go. I kept my gaze low as I took slow steps, with intention… I’m writing a book at the moment and I received a lot of inspiration as I walked the three spirals, as well as clarity on something I was previously in two minds about. I found the experience to be so powerful! I sat in quiet contemplation on the grass for some time afterwards while I processed what I’d learned, and realised that everything that came through was exactly what I needed at that time. I’m so excited for the future of this project. Every town could benefit from a permanent Re-Kalibrator!”


Cardiff XR Rebellion, City Hall Cardiff

It wasn’t an enlightenment moment or ****** but somewhere in between it reaffirms your life path. My earth journey has been long & troublesome. Experiences like this put you back into gear. It also tells us to take 10 & chill get off the rat race & think of something other than ourselves. Loved it!!


Machynlleth Pop up, Machynlleth

For me , walking through the rekalibrator was a reconnection of self with earth and how the two are intertwined.
It brought up spirituality as well as the notion of give and take with earth-Ho or when is it to much and what is the balance of give and take amongst humans and the earth,Both in terms of nutrition and practical subsistence but also our spiritual connection with the earth,its resourses and how we connect with those around us. It brought up the importance of community and the potential positive impact of when we all come together to achieve a common goal,But also what happens when we don’t,and what these consequences **** like.
All in all it helped me understand the importance of a balanced world between humans and our planet and how permaculture could be the bridge or key


DTE Permaculture site, Down To Earth

A fab activity for children. It promotes mindfulness for children and enables children to connect with nature by asking questions about ourselves and the earths energy .


Machynlleth Pop up, Machynlleth

This young man walked it once with his dad first them wanted to do it again so I waked it with him and he proceeded to tell me all about the things he shares stuff with his friends and the planet….. From walking this with him I think this could be a good way to help keep the children concentrated. Ty


Sentry Circle pop up , Sentry Circle Camping .

 TEZ …. Brilliant experience. That let me and my son understand better the things we do in life for people and the world and to make us think how there is a balance of how much you put into life you will get in return. I feel this reflection is great and enhances on the positives in life


Sentry Circle Pop up , Sentry Circle Camping .

I Feel such a deep-seated peace + connectedness to all that is around me,the wind,the grass,the singing birds,the playing children.I am such a small part of the universe + so grateful to be experiencing this life.I have never really thought about the ways that the earth provides for me.Nor have i actively considered the ways in which i help the earth.It has inspired me to do more,to care more,to give more.My community have so much to share-I am looking forward to making some life changes + being able to share too – to share my time ,my love,my passion,my space .Thank you


Permaculture Convergence , Hill End Oxford

 Thank you for this tripple spiral.It definitely rekalibrates-centres.Being on the outside of our xr family,I could feel their love + my love for them.Interwined for them/for me.Just love,Brought me back to the earth,reminder of who we are all here for with extinction rebellion.For what we are standing for,For love.souls of the earth.
The spiral i found the most challenging to think about was the “Who cares for me?”Though these are the people of the world,The ones i care for.We are all one.I am you and you are me. ❤ Walking slightly behind my father we are together.when he stopped,It was moments for me to think more on I was a little ******* .Following someone made me take my time & more .
love .


Cardiff Rebellion , Cardiff city hall

I really enjoyed the Rekalibrator it made me take time out to think about What i do now for the earth and what else i can do moving forward.People care made me realise how many people i care for and how many care for me.Fair share made me think of more ways I could help others,But also not to over do it.After completing i feel relaxed & re-energised. The children enjoyed the rekalibrator too I followed them & prompted them to talk about the right things in the right places .

Janine keeler

Knife angel , Middlesbrough Town square

Liked it alot it makes you think about things that you usually wouldn’t think about.It helps to reflect on everything that you have done in your life and what else you can do to help others and helps you remember what everyone has done for you.

Police cadet

Knife angel, Middlesbrough town square