How does the Rekalibrator work?

When you are ready, walk to the first spiral. This is the first ethic and is called…


This is without doubt the number one ethic – the Earth is our home. Is this lifestyle the best we can do?
As you walk into the first spiral, you could think about what you do to take care of the earth, until you reach the centre;
once you are at the centre and you start the outward path, you could think about how the earth cares for you.


This is the second ethic. People are the most influential species in terms of shaping civilisation, so taking care of
and supporting each other to become the best we can be makes perfect sense. As you walk into the spiral,
take time to think of all of the people you are in contact with and how you care about them;
once you are in the centre and you start the outward path, think about the people who care about you.


Fair share is the third ethic. This is often misunderstood; it is about sharing what you have in abundance with the earth,
people and other creatures. If you have too much of something it can become a burden to look after, so share it out
– whether it be time, knowledge, entertainment, food or material things – without compromising the first two ethics.
As you walk into the third spiral, think about what you share out; once you reach the centre and
walk the outward spiral, think about what gets shared with you.