Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in helping to develop The Rekalibrator, please have a read through our document for more information…

I Have Been Rekalibrated

We ask people who have walked The Rekalibrator to pose with a sign saying “I have been Rekalibrated” – this is to help us to let others know that it really works! We also ask for feedback which you can read HERE, which also helps us to spread the word… We don’t force people to do either 🙂

Permaculture Convergence

This was the setup at the Permaculture Convergence at the Hill End Activity Centre in Oxford at the start of September 2019

Mabon at Thornborough Henges

Beautiful setting and a fabulous weekend… Lots of people walked The Rekalibrator!

Permaculture Convergence

This is the impression left by all of the people who walked The Rekalibrator over the Permaculture Convergence weekend at Hill End Activity Centre in Oxford at the beginning of September 2019… The energy is longer lasting!